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-Photographer’s services for your wedding-

    Some pluses of working with me?
• Preliminary consultation and guaranty of date booking
  • Preliminary consultation on organizational and creative questions is always presented. The route of walk is always developed individually together with the newly-weds, staged and reporting photography is conducted. The official contract is signed, and it is a real guaranty of date booking and work performance
• Professional phototechnique
  • I use professional phototechnique Canon and luxury optics of “L” series. It allows me to make quality pictures even in conditions, difficult for shooting.
• Processing of all material
  • All shooting material passes preliminary processing: color correction, framing and finally it is completely prepared for printing. A large number of printed photos is included in all packages of services that allows to estimate quality of work. Photo book is included in large packages of services, all material you receive on DVD disk in individually made box or on flash card with special design.


Any package of services chosen by you (see above) can always be added with necessary number of film-making hours. You can get information about the price of shooting, employment of date and order photographing by phone: +375(29)7823654, Yury (daily from 9.00 till 24.00). I provide services of the photographer for wedding in Belarus with the best combination of price and quality. Packages with service prices of the photographer are given above.


Date is considered FREE up to making of contract and advance payment of 30% of photographing price. Only after making advance payment this date is reserved for you finally. The final payment with the photographer is made in the day of shooting.


-Additional services-

Besides services of the photographer for wedding in Belarus, it is possible to order prewedding photographing. Love story gives you possibility to get used to the camera. In turn, the photographer has opportunity to study your gestures and mimicry and to choose the most successful foreshortenings for wedding pictures. If a real story of acquaintance, in your opinion, is too banal for shooting, I will help you with development of original individual script. What will your story be: cheerful, romantic or passionate? It depends on you!


Your festive event: corporate evening, wedding anniversary or birthday anniversary is coming soon, and you dream to impress this day not only in your memory, but also in qualitative pictures! So, ideally you will need photo (picture) spread.

-Photographer’s services for graduation ceremony / party -

-What is art retouch of photo?-

Probably, not of all understand well what is N–number of pictures in the author's art retouch. I want to tell you about it.


Retouch (fr. retouche, from retoucher – to add, to correct) is an art processing of the image for the purpose of its improvement, stylization and correction of defects.


All photos, presented in my portfolio, in my site and blogs, are the author's art retouch.


The art retouch changes the photo in such way that the camera would never photograph it. Today the photographers, working with digital equipment and even many of those who films, use the retouch for creation of interesting and attractive creative pictures. 


The retouch includes:
framing (removal of unnecessary areas, change of size);
expo correction (clarification, blackout, contrast);
color correction of picture (taking draft copy – initial photo in raw format, till desirable colours)
processing of skin (elimination of temporary defects, etc.)
transfer to black-and-white photo, sepia, toning of picture;
stylization of photo;
some elements are completed manually;

and many other things.


I want to note that each picture, selected by me, I carefully process. It is very laborious and creative work.